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NEW MultiClip Universal Payment Mount Adapter

SpacePole MultiClip is a new type of universal payment mount. Designed in association with Ingenico, this next generation payment mount provides a simple click-in-place mounting solution for Ingenico’s existing and future Lane series payment terminals.

Welcome to The Space Program Partner Network

The Space Program partner network enables you to distribute and resell our SpacePole and OpenSpace product sets through a strong ecosystem and relationship with partners that require technology mounting solutions as part of their overall customer offering. The program has been designed to acknowledge and empower our partners, leveraging our industry knowledge, sales and marketing resources and innovative new program features to achieve greater results collectively.

We are committed to building and implementing a concrete partner network in all the regions in which it operates and in developing long term relationships with its partners.

The Space Program partner network provides our partners with a forum to interact with both Ergonomic Solutions or SpacePole, Inc. and their extended partner community.