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Mobile payment enclosure & stands

M-Case is a plastic enclosure case and range of mounting solutions designed for the latest mobile payment devices such as iZettle and PayPal Here. Mobile payment devices allow retail businesses to be more flexible with their options, taking payments wherever and whenever – ideal for events, outdoors, pop-up shops and restaurants or bar environments. Along with the enclosure case for devices, M-Case range incorporates specifically designed poles and stands in a range of colours to support your modern MPOS installation.

M-Case features:

  • M-Case is a lightweight and inexpensive mobile payment device case that offers protection and compatibility with existing accessories
  • Composite plastic construction for maximum durability
  • Use with the included strap for true portable payment options

M-Case range includes:

  • Mobile payment device enclosure cases to fit Miura, iZettle, PayPalHere, Payleven etc which includes a lanyard neck strap and retractable cable
  • Desktop C-Stand is a simple easy to use cradle stand for mobile payment devices
  • Quick release mechanism to facilitate easy removal of mobile payment devices from stands or other tablet enclosures
  • Existing poles can be incorporated using the modular approach of SpacePole

Product images

Product images are available in large JPEG formats. Other formats or resolutions can be requested on an individual basis.

How to download images

To save individual images, simply right click and choose “Save image as”. Need the whole set? Download the zipped file below.