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SpacePole UCS

Tablet charge & store

Universal Charging Station (UCS) from Ergonomic Solutions is the response to the growth of tablets and smart devices being used effectively in the workplace – offering a secure place to store and charge devices. UCS is available in a range of size options to suit all requirements and can offer smart charging for up to 30 USB powered devices. The filing cabinet style storage provides clear and easy management of all your products, great for retail stores to charge devices overnight.

SpacePole UCS features:

  • Simple metal storage boxes with built in charging capabilities for your tablets and smart devices
  • Key lock for security
  • Protective foam slots designed to hold fragile device hardware in place
  • Available in standard and mini sizes for all types of requirements

UCS range includes:

  • 8, 15 or 30 slot universal charging stations cabinets for tablets and smart devices
  • Accessories include add-on wheels and separating sections to divide each drawer
  • Available with all types of country plug connectors


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