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SpacePole Vario

Tablet mobility sled

The SpacePole Vario sled is a new solution for tablet devices to support mobility in the workplace. This low profile tablet sled is designed specifically for a wide range of tablet devices and not only protects it, but also enables the use of accessories including pouches, straps and quick release options for attaching mobile payment devices and other mobile technology. Maximise the use of tablets in your business no matter the location or environment.

SpacePole Vario features:

  • Lightweight aluminium construction
  • Compatible with a wide range of existing tablets including Apple & Samsung
  • Simple integration with mobility accessories such as carry straps, mobile payment cases and quick release mechanisms

Vario range

  • SlimCase Vario – metal construction tablet sled for a range of tablet devices
  • Hand and shoulder straps that can attach directly to the SlimCase
  • Tablet pouches to expand usability and provide secure safe, protected storage
  • Quick release to work in conjunction with M-Case mobile payment product ranges for MPOS

Product images

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