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Marketing Campaigns

Extend your marketing by utilising our campaign collateral

Make it easy to promote SpacePole and OpenSpace products by accessing collateral used for marketing campaigns.

Marketing campaigns typically run across the different application areas of Point of Sale, Point of Payment and Point of Service, with different products within being promoted through different regions.

Choose from the marketing campaigns below that are currently running to view and request relevant collateral.

Point of Sale


SpacePole Essentials

Campaign promoting SpacePole Essential mounting solutions across a range of technology hardware suppliers.

Product: SpacePole Essentials POS Mounts
Audience: All
Industry: Retail

Point of Payment


SpacePole Stack

Campaign promoting SpacePole Stack payment mounting solution supporting a variety of different payment terminals.

Product: SpacePole Stack payment mount
Audience: All
Industry: Retail

Point of Service


OpenSpace A-Frame

Campaign promoting the latest tablet mounting solution, the OpenSpace A-Frame tablet enclosure. Supports a wide range of tablet devices and pole mounting options.

Product: OpenSpace A-Frame tablet enclosure
Audience: All
Industry: Retail & hospitality