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SpacePole Dock & Charge

Tablet mobility enclosure & docking stand

Dock & Charge is a unique tablet enclosure solution that provides a solid and secure tablet enclosure for the latest Apple and Samsung tablets that docks onto a magnetic pole base. This offers unparalleled flexibility to pick up and take the tablet around with you to compliment your business, and then replace it back on the dock to charge and protect it. Dock & Charge incorporates a Kensington key lock and micro USB cable input and output to enable power and charge capabilities for mobile payment devices, making it a complete MPOS solution for the latest retail technology.

Dock & Charge features:

  • A true hybrid tablet solution that offers secure fixed mounting and the option to use as a portable mobility solution
  • Composite tablet enclosure with magnetic metal docking stand for simple fixed mounting
  • Charge additional devices with included USB charging port
  • Compatible with mobility accessories like hand and shoulder straps

Dock & Charge range includes:

  • Dock & Charge integrated tablet enclosure and magnetic dock for Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • A range of accessories such as hand / neck strap for true portability

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