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SpacePole Dock & Charge

Tablet mobility enclosure & docking stand

SpacePole Dock & Charge is a combined tablet enclosure and stand that maximises the use of your tablet. For mobility, remove the tablet from the dock to bring a personal shopper service or sales transaction to the customer anywhere in-store. To bring the self-service applications to life, take advantage of the secure docking with charging capabilities.

With its stylish simple design, the Dock and Charge is full of features and enables multiple applications in one solution. It is always available and charged due to the secure charging dock, that includes magnets for fast, seamless keyless engagement.

Dock & Charge benefits:

  • Multiple use cases in one integrated solution
  • Stylish simple design
  •  Fast, secure and seamless locking and charging
  • Protects from drops and theft
  • Flexibility to mount counter, wall or floor
  • Compatible with peripherals (USB-C in/out and jack plug with data), hand strap and shoulder strap

Dock & Charge applications:

  • Assisted sales
  • Information look-up
  • Click & Carry
  • Self-service check-in
  • Self-service ordering
  • Front-of-house table management
  • Tablet POS
  • Queue busting

Dock & Charge range includes:

  • Dock & Charge integrated tablet enclosure and magnetic dock for Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • A range of accessories such as hand / shoulder strap for true portability

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