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SpacePole Essentials

Point of Sale mounting system

The SpacePole Essentials range from Ergonomic Solutions are innovative, ergonomically designed mounting solutions that includes the original classic pole and display mount adapters for a attaching VESA compatible display screens. It also includes a wide range of interchangeable accessories to support different hardware options including chip and pin payment devices, receipt printers and customer displays. This modular approach enables quick and easy changing of hardware and a unique space saving solution that is durable and secure.

SpacePole Essentials features:

  • Metal construction to provide strong, durable mounting solutions
  • Mix and match various components to mount screens, receipt printers, customer displays and other accessories
  • Universal screen fitment using standardised VESA mount

SpacePole Essentials range includes:

  • Classic poles in different height and diameter options
  • VESA display adapters to suit a range of mounting positions
  • Peripherals and accessories including swing arms, printer support plates and customer display adapters

Product images

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