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SpacePole X-Frame

Tablet enclosure & poles

X-Frame is a simple and effective tablet enclosure that grips a tablet securely and offers a flexible approach to mounting using standardised pole mounting attachments for a range of environments. X-Frame supports the widest range of tablets and gives easy access to all tablet controls and buttons, great for tablet based applications where public use isn’t a requirement.

X-Frame features:

  • Simple, lightweight and flexible metal tablet enclosure with the largest number of supported devices available
  • Full access to buttons and controls makes it suited for both internal staff use as well as customer facing
  • Compatible with a range of accessories and SpacePole tilting or fixed mounting poles
  • New X-Frame enclosures can be created quickly after the launch of a new tablet device

X-Frame range includes:

  • X-Frame enclosure for tablets that fit all available tablets on the market
  • Range of poles and stands using the universal SpacePole mounting connections

Product images

Product images are available in large JPEG formats. Other formats or resolutions can be requested on an individual basis.

How to download images

To save individual images, simply right click and choose “Save image as”. Need the whole set? Download the zipped file below.