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spacepole stack

SpacePole Stack

Payment mounting system

SpacePole Stack is a high quality composite payment mount designed to securely mount any payment terminal device at a competitive price point. The unique feature of SpacePole Stack is it’s ability to cater to different heights by using the included stack ring, offering an additional 28mm of height for larger payment terminals. The wide base makes it well balanced and stable for signature capture devices and the effective cable management means minimal clutter on your counter top.

SpacePole Stack features:

  • Strong composite construction with two heights available straight out of the box
  • Compatible with MultiGrip plates to support a wide range of payment terminals and ClickSafe to secure your device
  • Wide body for improved cable management, particularly with larger devices used for signature capture

SpacePole Stack range:

  • Wide body and base pole in composite plastics
  • Two heights offering 96mm or 124mm options
  • MultiGrip plate in aluminium metal to support your specific payment device

Product images

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