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SpacePole mCase™

Modular, Configurable, Customisable…

The range of our mCase protective casings has been broadened to include solutions for some of the most popular payment devices on the market today from PAX, Square, Stripe, and SumUp.


  • A protective casing for investment protection
  • Maximum use cases: mCase is an integration sled for both static and mPOS applications
  • Adds physical security for the operator and follows PCI best practice
  • Provision of accessories for portability

Product images

Product images are available in large JPEG formats. Other formats or resolutions can be requested on an individual basis.

How to download images

To save individual images, simply right click and choose “Save image as”.

Compatible Devices

Compatible payment devices: SumUp Solo
SumUp Air
PAX D190
Square Reader
Strip Reader M2
CCV Fly Next
Equinox LUXE 6200M
Ingenico Link/2500
Ingenico Link/2500i*
Ingenico Link/2500 touch
Ingenico Link/2500 slim
Ingenico iSMP4*
Miura M020
Pax D220
Verifone e280
Verifone e285
Verifone e355*