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SpacePole A-Frame

A universal tablet enclosure for all tablet devices

The A-Frame tablet enclosure accommodates a wide range of popular tablets devices. Setting up the A-Frame tablet enclosure is simplicity itself, simply open the unit and place the tablet inside. With the newly designed Kensington push-lock as standard, this device combines good looks with discreet yet effective physical security.

SpacePole A-Frame is also available with a security screw option. This version is appropriate for all applications, but particularly for tablet point of sale where the device is attended.

A-Frame Benefits

  • Stylishly mount any tablet
  • Enclosure with integrated push-lock for enhanced security for your tablet
  • Revised aesthetic design
  • Internal cable management
  • Simple assembly in just a few minutes
  • Desk, floor and wall mounts for the greatest flexibility of use
  • Designer-looks within a robust form factor

A-Frame Applications:

  • In-store ordering
  • Information look-up
  • Customer log-in
  • Virtual merchandising
  • Front of house
  • Tablet-based mPOS

A-Frame with push lock

A-Frame with security screw

How to download images

To save individual images, simply right click and choose “Save image as”.

A-Frame Specifications


SPAF1000/1001 (7.9’’): iPad Mini 1 (2012), iPad Mini 2 (2013), iPad Mini 3 (2013), iPad Mini 4 (2015), iPad Mini (2019)

SPAF3000/3001 (9.7’’): iPad Air (2013), iPad Air 2 (2014), iPad Pro 9, 7” (2016), iPad 9.7” (2017), iPad 9.7” (2018)

SPAF5000/5001 (12.9’’): iPad Pro 12.9” (2018), iPad Pro 12.9” (2020)

SPAF7000/7001 (10.5’’): iPad 10.2″ (2019) iPad Air 2 10.5” (2019), iPad Pro 10.5” (2017)

SPAF8000/8001: iPad Pro 11″ (2018), iPad Pro 11″ (2020)


SPAF2300 / SPAF2301: Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 10.5’’ (2022)

SPAF9000/9001: Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1’’ (2019)

SPAF1100/1101: Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 10.5’’ (2019), Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e (2019)

SPAF1200/1201: Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5’’ (2018)

SPAF1300/1301: Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 10.5’’ (2018)

SPAF3000/3001: Galaxy Tab S3 9.7” (2017), Galaxy Tab S2 9.7” (2017), Galaxy Tab A 9.7” (2015), Galaxy Tab S2 9.7” (2015)

SPAF1000/1001: Galaxy Tab A 82 (2015), Galaxy Tab S2 8″ (2015)


SPAF4000: ET50/ET51/ET55/ET56 8″ (W. Kensington Key Lock Part number)

SPAF2000: ET50/ET51/ET55/ET56 10″ (W. Kensington Key Lock Part number)

SPAF4001: ET50/ET51/ET55/ET56 8″ (W. Security Screw Part number)

SPAF2001: ET50/ET51/ET55/ET56 10″ (W. Security Screw Part number

A-Frame Specifications

Mounting Options Multiple counter, wall and floor options
Material Steel
Cable Management Within the frame
Security Options Push lock with keys (key management option)

Security screw

Installation and set up 4 x screw to fix mount. Insert to hold tablet
Accessories Counter mounts (fixed pole, tilt, rotation, landscape / portrait mode, TabPrint), wall-mounts, floor stands, payment mounting (brackets and M-cases)

Simple assembly

Setting up the A-Frame tablet enclosure is simplicity itself. Simply open the unit and place the tablet inside. The A-frame comes with a metal insert to easily place the tablet in the frame. Close and lock the frame and you are ready for business.