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Payment Terminal Adapters

Payment mounting system

MultiGrip is our tried and tested payment adapter solution to fit the largest possible range of new and existing payment terminals. Using soft rubber grips to secure the terminal in place and compatible with all our pole mounting and card terminal stand systems, there is a MultiGrip solution for every requirement.

Compatible with the following mounting options:

  • DuraTilt ®
  • SpacePole Stack™
  • Low Profile

MultiClip™ Adapter

MultiClip is compatible with our SpacePole range of mounting solutions including our wider base SpacePole Stack. Discreet and minimalist in design, MultiClip is the almost invisible way to mount the Ingenico Lane series of payment Terminals.

MultiClip was developed with the idea of upgradeability, so that when a new payment terminal is introduced, the existing mounting solution can be utilized again.

MultiClip is currently compatible with the following payment terminals:

Ingenico Lane 3000

Ingenico Lane 5000 V2

Ingenico Lane 7000

Ingenico Lane 8000

Product images

Product images are available in large JPEG formats. Other formats or resolutions can be requested on an individual basis.

How to download images

To save individual images, simply right click and choose “Save image as”. Need the whole set? Download the zipped file below.

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