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Available in two lengths_ 300mm & 600mm to ensure secure payments and social distancing in more demanding settings

SpacePole® Payment Paddle
Maintaining separation at the point of payment

The number of applications where separation between the customer and the operator is now seen as best practice is increasing. With a customer led requirement in both the retail and hospitality sectors for click & collect, in-store fulfilment, kerbside deliveries, and QSR drive-thrus, providing a safe arm’s length payment option at the point of collection or delivery helps create a sense of wellbeing.

With hygiene in mind

This solution enables a payment terminal device to be attached to one end of an ergonomic handle. It has been specifically designed with hygiene in mind. Especially important for the fast-food/QSR sector, the paddle has a knurled aluminium handle and cable strips allowing SpacePole Paddle to be washed and treated with cleaning fluid on a regular basis.

The Payment Paddle is compatible with all major payment terminals using our unique MultiGrip payment device adapter.

Features & Benefits:

• Arm’s length payments
• Hygienic easy clean handle
• Lightweight aluminium construction for more ergonomic use
• Flexible design to accommodate various payment terminals and functions
• More secure PIN entry and easier contactless payment for customers
• Speed up payment transactions
• Reduced threat of payment device theft
• Antimicrobial powder coating. More details on our antimicrobial webpage.

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