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SpacePole Taxi Headrest Mount

Payment mounting system

The SpacePole Taxi Headrest Mount enables taxi drivers and operators to accept card payments easily and securely with an effective payment mounting system that is mounted directly to the passenger headrest. With many governmental legislations mandating card payments to be an option within taxi vehicles, as well as the increasing use of contactless payment, the Taxi Headrest Mount provides an affordable solution for all in-car payment mounting. Compatible with all new and existing MultiGrip payment device adapters, offering support for payment terminal devices from all major manufacturers including Ingenico and Verifone.

Taxi Headrest Mount features:

  • Simple easy to install mounting bracket that fits between the passenger headrest height adjustment posts
  • Compatible with ClickSafe security tethers to protect against theft and tampering, offering full PCI compliance
  • Utilises MultiGrip payment device adapter plate for a wide range of payment terminals or even tablet devices

Taxi Headrest Mount range includes:

  • High quality metal central bar to attach to headrest height adjustment posts
  • Option between payment or tablet bracket adapter offering additional space for tablet devices
  • Compatible with MultiGrip payment device adapter and ClickSafe security tethers and locking systems

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